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Research and development

High-performance fiber composites

We at CrossLink aim for an optimal employment of fiber composites regarding their specific application. Based upon your product specification, we develop a suitable manufacturing process for the involved material, from prototype to serial production.

Metall Carbon Aramid Composite

R&D Composite Technology

Organo sheet lightweight construction

With the expansion of our plant, we are now able to shape endless fiber-reinforced thermoplastics in addition to thermosetting plastics. A particular focus lies on lightweight constructions for the visual range. These are optimized for their load curve. In this way, we want to achieve an expedient combination of form and function.

CFK Thermoplast

R&D Composite Technology

Process development

We employ highly diverse methods for shaping fiber-reinforced plastics. These methods are continuously enhanced and, when necessary, adapted for component and material specific requirements.

CFK Thermoplast Presse

Fiber-reinforced thermoplastics

Hybrid designs with metals

According to our motto „with the right material at the right place” and in cooperation with renowned institutions in this sector, we develop hybrid composite materials that are able to guarantee an efficient and gentle force transmission.

Metall Aramid Composite

Metal fiber hybrid composites

The sporty side of CrossLink

As a part of a project promoted by public funds, we collaborate with a Fraunhofer project group on the realization of an innovative piece of sports equipment for outdoor applications.
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