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Quality management

Quality management

3D coordinates measuring technology

Given the wide range of work piece variants, comprehensive component testing can only be ensured by a highly flexible and precise measurement system. For our quality inspection we use the advanced technology of the Prismo Vario by Zeiss. With changeable sensor heads, the flexible 3D coordinates measuring instrument handles both (laser-)optical and tactile measurements and inspection tasks. The various heads in the high-speed scanning system precisely measure the geometry elements of a work piece, as well as it distinguishes free form areas and drillings.

Measurement quality assurance CFRP

Zeiss Prismo Vario

Quality assurance

Every piece of work meets the exact specifications and complies with all requirements regarding strength, thermal resistance and robustness for non-stop operation. Type and extent of the individual final inspection therefore depend on the component itself and the intended use. Following non-destructive testing runs are possible:
  Load tests
  X-ray computer tomography

Process chain

Our quality management ensures precise and gapless tracking of all work stages. Latest measuring technologies and thorough final inspection guarantee the quality and reliability of our high-end products. The results of the quality inspection are used for an immediate optimization of the process control, as our corporate mission is continuous improvement.