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Mechanical engineering

Carbon fibers in mechanical engineering

Higher dynamics and precision with CFRP

Composites are ideal for the development of faster, more precise and durable machinery and equipment as they exhibit a low specific weight, high mechanical and thermal resilience and are resistant against corrosion.

CFRP special manufacturing

Mold construction for composite materials

Weight reduction by the use of carbon

The optimization of mechanical processes, especially regarding heavy moving components of fixed machinery, is accomplished with lightweight construction materials as they reduce energy consumption and minimize wear and tear. The high natural frequency of high-precision carbon components allows higher pulse frequencies - for instance in the packaging or semiconductor industry. A further advantage is the possibility to adjust the thermal expansion coefficient of the components through the selection of fibers and their alignment. Thus, composite components allow an otherwise barely achievable precision in measurement and rolling technology.

Turbine made ​​of CFRP

Turbine made ​​of CFRP

carbon mechanical engineering

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